Hi, I'm Dani. 

I have always been enamored by weddings.  

When small, I dreamed of every wedding details as immersed myself in magazines. I loved everything that had to do with weddings, but I never really thought of the most important part of that day, of the reason why weddings exist: love. 

It was then how my passion for weddings changed. I fell in love with how humbly two souls come together as one, vowing love and forgiveness to each other. I fell in love with the kisses, hugs and tears brides and grooms shared on their first dance as husband and wife. I fell in love with their stories, and their desire to relive those memories through photography for years to come. 

Photography is the only art-form that I feel connected to that allows me to story-tell the best love stories of all. My wish is that with every photograph, each couple can be reminded of the promises they vowed to each other with every passing moment. 

Born and raised in Valencia, Venezuela. Live in Miami, FL. Ready to travel to wherever your love story takes me. 

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Photo By: Lauren Balingit

Photo By: Lauren Balingit